HSP Support Directory

Support professionals promoting awareness, fulfilment and harmonious, authentic living in the highly sensitive population


Barbara Allen
Founder of NCHS, director, trainer, mentor, public speaker & group event facilitator – Andover

25 years experience and specialist skills in supporting Highly Sensitive People in their personal and work lives. Advanced training on Sensory Processing Sensitivity directly from Dr Elaine Aron, San Francisco, March 2018. Retired therapist, supervisor and group worker, with particular skills in assessing and mentoring highly sensitive adults and also mentoring for parents of highly sensitive children experiencing problems with anxiety, school attendance etc. Based in Andover, and working throughout UK and internationally.

0777 312 4854



Dr. Jadzia Jagiellowicz B.Ed. ,PhD (Psych)
Researcher / Temperament Advisor – Ontario, Canada, Worldwide via Skype and phone

Earned her PhD under the supervision of Elaine Aron and currently conducts scientific research on HSPs. Provides individual mentoring for HSPs and supports parents of Highly Sensitive Children, based on her extensive knowledge of the HSP research. Assists HSPs to handle their negative emotions, stay healthy and deal with chronic illnesses and pain, conducts assessments of Highly Sensitive Children and advises on the biology of high sensitivity.

+1 519-242-5503



Cindy Barnes MBA, MBACP
Counsellor / Coach / Consultant – Cookham Dean, Berkshire and worldwide via video

Highly experienced counsellor, coach and consultant working with individuals, couples and organisations. Specialising in high sensitivity and giftedness. Helping people find their true selves and their purpose. Also running the HSP Groups: https://www.meetup.com/Cookham-Highly-Sensitive-People-Community/ and https://www.meetup.com/London-HSP-Psychology

07739 188 039



Ildiko Davis

Counsellor / HSP Mentor & Consultant / Focusing Practitioner – Skype or Zoom

Experienced online counsellor with training in HSP therapy and Focusing, working exclusively via Skype or Zoom (based in Hungary). Facilitator of Online Groups for HSPs and for HSP Support Professionals. Editor of the NCHS Newsletter and coordinator of the NCHS website.

+36 30 2809 571



Bridget Woodward
Child Counsellor/ Parent Mentor/ HSP Mentor/ Education Consultant – South Wiltshire area

Specialising in using creativity, play and mindfulness to support sensitive adults, children and their parents.

07769 650707



Katherine Owen
Work, Study and HSP Mentor – Portchester, Hampshire

Experienced Mentor specialising in supporting people practically and emotionally to thrive at work, in study and with their Highly Sensitive nature.

07873 363 156



Andrew Rott
Coach / HSP Mentor- London

Holistic and Business Coach with special interest in highly sensitive clients. Experienced business professional.

0771 077 5621



Pete Smith
Counsellor / HSP Mentor – Alton, Hampshire

Experienced counsellor working with adult and young adult clients. Empathic HSP, experienced with the needs of sensitive clients and covering a wide range of issues.

07712 778 710



Caroline Ferguson
Mindset Trainer / Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist / HSP Mentor – Herts and London

Personal development for highly sensitive entrepreneurs and “Sensitive Upstarts” (HSP+HSS). Also corporate speaker, trainer and consultant on mindset and sensitivity.

+44 (0)776 777 0664



David Wilson, MBACP, Dip C, BA (Hons)
Integrative Humanistic Counsellor / HSP Mentor – Gloucestershire & London, UK; Worldwide via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, phone, & email

Experienced counsellor specialising in working with HSP’s and parents of HSC’s. I offer support on the different aspects of sensitivity to help you on your life journey. I am a highly sensitive person and dad to a highly sensitive son.

+44 (0) 7421 046591



Liz Fraser
Counsellor – Sevenoaks, Kent

Integrative Counsellor with a specialist interest in Mindfulness and working with Highly Sensitive People.

07512 696 267


Jennifer Dixon
Psychotherapist & Supervisor – Winchester

Very experienced psychotherapist and supervisor with an interest and training in working with highly sensitive people.

01962 868 978


Jane Bowen
Counsellor – Southampton and New Forest area

Experienced and empathic therapist with training in working with highly sensitive people.

0771 421 5761


Michelle McCartan
Professional coach/HSP mentor – Devon, Skype, Phone

Highly experienced and qualified coach in both corporate and personal settings. Special interest in supporting HSP’s via Skype and telephone with their work life, personal life and wellbeing.

07592 538 134


Nina Khoo
Personal Development Coach – Winchester, Skype & Facetime

Specialising in coaching Highly Sensitive Women using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Energy Management & a healthy dose of intuition.

07812 251 440



Nicole Gabriel
Psychologist/Mediator/HSP Mentor – Winchester

Experienced Work-place Psychologist with special interest in providing well-being and resilience support to parents of Highly Sensitive Children, HSP parents and HSPs at work.

07765 406 107

Claire Bailey
HSP Mentor – Andover, Hampshire and surrounding areas. Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, phone & email

Experienced as a parent of Highly Sensitive Children and working with children, including children with special needs. Aiming to help HSP’s, parents of HSC’s and educational staff. Interests include holistic wellbeing, helping HSP’s with chronic illness / pain (CFS, M.E. and fibromyalgia) and postnatal support. A passionate advocate of promoting HSP trait as a positive gift.

07716 003 765



James Williams
Counsellor/ HSP Mentor/ HSC Parent Mentor / Author in Stoke Gabriel, South Devon and via video or phone

Parent of a HSC, experienced counsellor and published author of a series of books to help parents and carers to understand and support highly sensitive children. Offering face to face, telephone and online video mentoring for parents and carers of highly sensitive children. I provide a parent/child centred approach through a supportive relationship which integrates empathy, practical parenting advice and guidance with emotional support. As a HSP myself I can use my knowledge and experience to offer emotional support to other HSPs by providing a counselling relationship that has warmth, openness, empathy, trust and sensitivity.

+44 (0)796 832 3127



You can also find a listing of HSP knowleadgable therapists on the website of Dr Elaine N Aron: HSP knowleadgable therapists in the UK