About our Blog

Welcome to the blog of the National Centre for High Sensitivity. We publish articles  and information here that were created for our newsletter, the HSP News. Our newsletter doesn’t just include news, or information but also many articles that address issues, which may be particularly relevant for highly sensitive people (also known as HSPs). You can look at examples of our past issues at: http://idcounselling.co.uk/highly-sensitive-person-hsp/services-for-highly-sensitive-people/#20

If you would like to contribute to our newsletter & blog with an article you have written, please get in touch with our Newsleter Editor, Ildiko Davis (e-mail: ildiko.davis@yahoo.co.uk) The main requirements for articles are to focus on communicating something that maybe useful or inspiring to read for sensitive people.

You can subscribe to the HSP News, if you would like to receive regular copies via e-mail.

You can also support our work with donations via paypal to growingunlimited@hotmail.co.uk. or by paying to become a member one of our Meetup Groups.