HSP therapist research – would you like to participate?

Dear therapist(s),

Would you like to take part in research about the highly sensitive person (HSP)?!

I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) undertaking research on the highly sensitive person (HSP), otherwise termed Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS). I am looking for individuals who self-identify as being HSP who are also therapists (e.g. counsellors, psychotherapists) to take part in an interview. I am interested in how being HSP impacts on your work with clients, particularly in terms of empathy and the therapeutic relationship. I identify with being HSP and I am also a qualified counsellor. The research has received ethical approval from the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences at CCCU and adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you are interested in taking part and/or would like further information please do get in touch with me elizabeth.roxburgh@canterbury.ac.uk and I can send you a copy of the participant information sheet/answer any queries you may have. Your insights on this fascinating topic would be much appreciated!

Best wishes,

Dr. Elizabeth Roxburgh
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology, Politics, and Sociology
Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences
Canterbury Christ Church University


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