Then, Now and the Future of NCHS

Hello to everyone, HSPs, HSP Professionals, HSP supporters, young and blossoming HSCs :).  Another year has flown by since the inception of this fledgling group here in the UK in 2010.  So much to do and so many ideas about how these things can become real and permanent.  One thing I do know, is how heart warming it is to see more and more highly sensitive people out there, doing their bit to increase awareness, discovering more about our trait and above all, truly valuing and enjoying what our trait is all about.  Our Meetups continue to be available to HSPs wishing to engage in person or online for a small annual subscription but as ever, we would love to increase the availability of these events to others in the UK by training and supporting volunteer NCHS Meetup facilitators in other parts of the UK.

My sincere thanks go out to those who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and energy to do a variety of supportive work around promoting awareness and supporting other HSPs to find themselves, in particular volunteers, Cindy, Helen, Shyron, Chris, Glenna, Luchi, Astrid, Tony, Alan, Caroline and anyone else who has helped in the background.  I am also so grateful to Ildiko for her continued support (from abroad during her sabbatical), maintaining a list of HSP Professionals who have attended our NCHS training days, writing and editing our Newsletter.  There are so many things I could never have pushed forward without Ildiko’s help, belief and encouragement.

New things that we have put in place this year include the ’Numinous’ days – set up to provide a place of engagement and support for those HSPs who have roles in supporting other HSPs, whether at work or at home.  This has been a pleasure to facilitate and I am grateful to all of them for what they do ‘out there’, often in isolation.  We have also launched a monthly ‘HSP Parlour Online’, where HSPs from any part of the UK or in fact the world, can join each other for a virtual tea and chat about HSP topics together.  This has been great fun and enlightening as people share their questions, answers and ideas around things that are of interest to highly sensitive people in a relaxed setting.  We have covered many topics, but the abiding thing that we have all got from this event is the feeling of solidarity, integrity and humour that lifts the spirits when one is engaged with others with that HSP energy.

It has also been a different kind of year for the National Centre for High Sensitivity.  Whilst so much is happening, and needs to happen in the world in respect to more awareness and acknowledgement of high sensitivity, it has also been somewhat challenging here at NCHS home due to continuing illness, changing domestic responsibilities and shortage once again of on-site admin support.  Hopefully this will improve in 2017, all things in their own good time I’m sure :).

Further meetups, events and opportunities will be added to our sites here in the UK soon, and you will see all of them together on the Events page at

  •  We have plans to increase the number of ‘Walk and Talk’ opportunities that we offer.  Some of you have taken advantage of these already and from feedback provided, we know it is helpful and that more of you would like to use it.  Do contact myself, Alan or Caroline if you would like to do a ‘Walk and Talk’, we will assess your need, explain what it entails and there is a fee, but it’s well worth it.  We would also welcome you to apply, if you would like to offer this service to other HSPs (assessment, training and support provided to volunteers) – just contact me at the NCHS.
  • We are thinking about some short residential events, where you will gain information, awareness and support, and others where you will simply be encouraged to relax and spend time in HSP-friendly pursuits or rest and recovery.  One or two of these events may need practitioners there to offer various support or relaxation activities.  [If you would like to attend and also offer something useful to others (something short or small is fine), a discount will be available for the event.  Please talk to me about it.]
  • I am planning on doing more talks for organisations, schools and interest groups this year, so if you know any organisations that would benefit from understanding more about highly sensitive people, do put them in touch.  They will be asked to give a donation to support NCHS work, but there is no specific fee.  Please bear in mind that if the venue is far away from Andover, my travel/accommodation costs will need to be taken into consideration :).
  • I really want to do an event for Parents of highly sensitive children this year.  Ideally a whole day.  I haven’t decided yet, if it will be just for the parents, or whether there will be an opportunity for HSCs to attend and do other activities while the parents are learning about high sensitivity.  Anyone who would like to help, let me know.  Please make sure you are willing to commit, once the event is scheduled it has to go ahead :).
  • As mentioned above, we have plans to increase the number of counties within which we offer HSP Meetups.  Do help us identify where there are: enough interested HSPs to attend a Meetup;  a suitable venue; someone local who would be happy to liaise or even attend training to get a Meetup started and running regularly.

barbara_allen-wDo let us know if you have any ideas of something the NCHS could be doing and if you would like to volunteer some support or funding.  I hope you will enjoy what is on offer next year and I look forward to seeing those of you who will attend our future events :).

Article written by Barbara Allen-Williams (e-mail:

1 thought on “Then, Now and the Future of NCHS

  1. Hello Barbara
    This is Jannina.
    I’m so happy to read all your ideas and work.
    I’m a Holistic therapist in the areas of Hair,Beauty and Massages.
    My experiences as a healer make me happy and I thoungh you can consider we could find some space to work and help.
    Please, let me know if you feel this is good and how we can do it.
    Thanks a lot.


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